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Dance-tress Acting Up- I’m Alive!


Hey there Ladies and Gents!

I know it may look as if I haven’t blogged on this page since 2014, and that’s, well… true! But what I really wanted to tell you, is that I HAVE been blogging for the past year- on my friend Darwin’s site @Firstclassreels.

Just took me WAY too long to update my website here. It was one of those projects on the to do list, that kept being pushed aside so I could do other things, then, it just never happened.  Unfortunately, and fortunately, I’m stuck at home with a back injury so I have plenty of time to sit my butt down and get to work. Now, instead of writing two damn blogs a week (I already struggle with one), I’m just going to go ahead and embed my blog that I write on his page, on mine. Clever, huh 🙂 

*The giant comment section at the end of this blog’s blog, will appear on Darwin’s site, not mine. Enjoy!


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