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Richard Simmons and Tuna

12/18/13 *UPDATE* -Commercial completed and attached

Well, that was the commercial I filmed today. Richard Simmons and Bumble Bee tuna. Can’t say that I like tuna (or the smell) but today it was great. I had the opportunity to bring along some friends today to make the day even brighter. I was originally planning on being a tumbler for this scene, but once I heard they were in need of some can can dancers my ears perked up. “Hey, I have a friend who is in a french cabaret! They have costumes and everything!”  muahaha. I called up my friend Charlotte (is in the company), who then spoke to her friend, (Lola who is the founder of Cabaret Versatile) and voila! done. Of course, this couldn’t have been done without the help of Meagan (read post below) and Hisonni for reallllly setting all this up for me. He was the one who has been making all these connections and making such awesome friendships. And to be honest, he is a bit of my mentor as well. Perhaps, I also forgot to mention that he is  my other half.

Anyways, Richard is a character. He made it known the minute he had “arrived”. Everyone in the room had a smile on their face throughout the whole day. He goofs around and plays around, A LOT, but was very friendly and appreciative of everyone. Overall it was a quick and easy day.



Liam Horne MV


I’m back in America and I am back in action. I admit, a lot of things have just fallen in my lap lately and I am NOT complaining. One of my good friends Meagann Pallares recently began working with the production company called, The Audience, and she hooked me up on this Liam Horne “Tragedy” music video. (She also wrote, directed, and starred in the insanely addicting web series called “In Reverie). It was a two day shoot and a whole lot of fun. The kid is young, but he is talented and quite the charmer. Think Justin Bieber with a bit of an edge. I shot this video of him singing one of my favorite songs during a quick break. I’ll be posting the actual music video once it is completed. Here it is, enjoy!

Liam+me       IMG_3018

Official Music Video


Ni Hao!

Aug-Sept 2013

Wow, I haven’t written in an incredibly long time. A good reason, was that I had rare internet access while I was in China for the past few months! I went there on a whim with the dance group, Physical Poets. It was a group of 5, two bboys (one was a girl), two hip hoppers, and me (jack of all trades). We toured all over southern China dancing at some of the nicest dance clubs around. It was an awesome experience and made me miss and appreciate America wayyyy more than I ever thought I would.


me, Esai, Ladie, Odin, Lexi

me, Esai, Ladie, Odin, Lexi


While in Fuzhou, Fujian province I convinced my roommate to be a part of a short. Most of it was shot with no rehearsal, no script, and one take. You can basically say it was the ultimate improv experience. I edited it by myself, and here it is- my first official short film produced by PinkGemini Producitions. YAY!

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