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99 Bottles


More exciting news! PinkGemini Productions (my company) has teamed up with P3 to begin work on our new show, 99 Bottles. We filmed a teaser show this weekend for Revision 3. They love the concept so were hoping to hear back from them this week. For the time being, here are a few screen shots to hold you over….cross yo fingers for us…this could be HUGE

Back Seat Quarterly Magazine

Hey party people!

Guess what? I was just featured in the BSQ online magazine. Whoop whoop! OK, I semi promise I’ll never write that noise again.

Thanks to my friend Lauren Frias who hooked me up with this contact. She took some insanely amazing pictures and I decided I needed some asap. Everyone’s gotta have some cool pictures to show their kids one day. Can’t bend and move this way forever. The article was written and photographed by Federico Mata. It featured dancers all around Los Angeles and iconic locations. Lucky for me I got Hollywood. It still excites me. I feel like these pictures are the epitome of what Hollywood really is, to me. Enough blabbing, here’s the article-