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Daddy’s Girl

Here are a few screen shots from the short I mentioned in my previous post, Daddy’s Girl. My dad is played by Ruben Pla.

Looks creepy huh 🙂 muahahaha


Happy New Years!

Wrapped up 2012 doing some of my favorite things.

Me and my Lotus girls danced in the new year. Three shows in one night = a happy but tired me. Definitely an awesome way to start the year off right. I’m a lucky girl.

And 2 days before this, I filmed a short film called “Daddy’s Girl” written and directed by Joe Hui and Tania Baker Hui of anyRD Productions. We still have one quick scene left that we will be filming this Sunday…at my house 🙂 I met both Joe and Ruben Pla, (“my dad”) on the set of Insidious a few years ago. Its nice to stay in touch AND live down the street from one another. Pictures and things to come.

And and, I filmed another short project with Hisonni Johnson of P3 (Premiere Pre and Post). I can’t share too many details, but it looks amazing! Soo excited..

Ps.. like my New Years colors?



So it look like I have joined a belly dancing company, Layla and the Lotus dancers. Our shows include all styles of dance- Indian, Greek, Persian, Samba, Can Can, Tribal, etc. We pretty much have shows every weekend whether it be at a restaurant, private party, or at a $500k wedding dancing alongside the Gipsy Kings or Kobi Peretz. These shows are SOO much fun and I am incredibly grateful to be dancing and performing every weekend with some of my new best friends. I’m even learning a few new words 🙂

Habibi (حَبيبي) is an Arabic word whose literal meaning is my beloved. It also has the meaning of friend or darling.


Torque Method Show

BE JEALOUS, be very jealous!…here’s why…

I did a show this past weekend with Simon Chabad’s Torque Method. These dudes are TALENTED! They flip, they jump, they spin, balance, they can do it all (and they’re ripped). It was a lovely 8am show down in Newport beach. Definitely, not a bad way to start the day….here are a couple pictures from the event.