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Tues, 9/25/12

Γειά σου or hello!

It’s been a while, but I’ve been busy busy. I just filmed a kick starter campaign trailer with my friend Maddy Curley from the hit gymnastics movie, “Stick it“. Its in the editing room right NOW. Hopefully there will be another gymnastics movie made, soon! 🙂


Olympia has had some really great screenings the past few weeks. I had a chance to make a lot of new friends and watch some really cool films. Results should be announced shortly but we screened really well so that’s awesome. Something to be incredibly proud of. I am grateful to be a part of such a talent cast and crew- Hisonni Johnson and Mike Sarnoski.

Here are some pictures from recent events. Don’t laugh, they are from a cell phone..or borrowed from the website. I just REALLY needed to make sure you saw how awesome my dress was. I may have been obsessed with it for a little bit.


Left-Yours truly at Holly Shorts Film Festival

Center- Olympia Co-Star Carolyn Stotesbery

Right- Actress/Dancer Ana Miro

**I just found that we will be having another screening October 1st at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood. I am so excited to see everyone again!**


Also, were you wondering were you can get a sneak peak of the “Absurd Dance Battle”? The final project should be released next month. Enjoy!