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Absurd Dance Battle

I’m back from NY!

Had a great shoot today with director Sean Williams of  Crackhorse Productions , filming the “Absurd Dance Battle”. I got to work with some INCREDIBLE talent as well as some amazingly awkward and funny talents. It was a pleasure to work with former So You Think You Can Dance finalist, Caitlin Kinney. This film is going to be awesome. Can’t wait for you to see it, but for the time being, check out some pictures below!




Welcome to my site, welcome to my blog. I admit I’ve never blogged before but I can tell this has potential to be addicting. I love to write and always have a lot on my mind.

Currently, I’m here on Long Island visiting family. Much longer than I had originally planned, but I am keeping productive. LOTS of people to see and my sister will be coming home from Germany for a little bit. Haven’t see her or my family since last year, so I guess a month is plenty of time.

Just did a photo shoot today with photographer’s Justin Flood and Tim Baker of Silver Wings . I figured it would be fun to add some new pictures to put on here. Also, I will be filming a few episodes in the web series, The Thyme Chronicles, in July. Written by Alison Caiola and co- directed by JD Daniels and Los Angeles based director, Dale Stelly. I just heard yesterday that it will be airing on KDOC LA as well as on the web. More details to come later. Oh, and my character’s name is Stitch.



Thanks to Julian Rifa who helped me with this page. If you are looking to set up your own website, I’d recommend him. Here’s a link to his site…You’re welcome 🙂